This multi media package includes 5 floral design emags

Extend your wedding floristry skills in technique and business with the 'Complete successful wedding florist multi media package'

Other successful florists won't tell you how they attract so many brides as they want all that lucrative business for themselves! Now, finally their business, and floristry secrets are revealed! Harness their success and make it your own to capture your share of the wedding flower market.

Find out:

  • how to grow a successful wedding floristry business,
  • how to use other people's hard work and budgets to make your own business more profitable
  • how to create fabulous, contemporary wedding bouquets step by step,
  • the new techniques and styles emerging from Europe
  • the latest fashions for classy, unique wedding bouquets.

  • This package
    includes 5 emag editions of floral design magazine Wedding specials:
    5 wedding DVDs:
    11 step formula to wedding floristry success ebook:
    • 11 steps to success using examples from real florists doing real well!/li>
    • Tested ways to expand your existing business or start a new one in the wedding floristry market.
    • Advice on advertising, marketing and branding which most florists ignore - to your advantage
    and all this for only $US160.00 including shipping!!
    Save a massive $US40,
    RRP $US200
    and also includes 5 dvds


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