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Floral themes, your inspiration and ideas slide show to successful modern flower arranging for parties, large events and business floral design.

Increase your customer base, add to your profitability as a florist, or be the toast of your next large floral event with a floral themed flower arrangement absolutely right for the occasion

Do you want to know how to pack some punch when advertising your floral shows and events, or if you are a busy florist, how to increase your customer base, add to your profitability and stand out from the crowd?

Join the many switched on floral designers who have already realised the power of themed design work with floralartmall.com, and become experts in creating beautiful flower arrangements that are eyecatching, appropriate for their business setting, and attention grabbing.

Dear friend,
Do you need some fresh ideas to get you out of your flower designing rut? Are you desperately in need of inspiration and new ideas so you can produce stunning, attention seeking flower arrangements every time whatever the occasion, situation or theme?

The flower arrangers in Morrinsville, from the Waikato region of New Zealand are experts in using the beautiful foliage so abundant in New Zealand to create floral art. This is an unique genre where flowers and foliage are transformed into animals, people, places and events.
Every 3 years they hold the Morrinsville Flower Festival showcasing this stunning, attention grabbing floral art form.
The result is a host of ideas you can use to expand your customer base or advertising platforms. Paint shops, dress shops, hardware centres or gardening supplies, are just some of the dozens of businesses that would welcome a themed display as part of their promotions.
Add to this the exceptional competition work of 4th year Floristry students at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show in Australia and you are on to a winner. These students had to produce a floral design for the opening of a business! They chose vegetable shops, Asian shops, wineries, the list goes on and on...How is that for a resource you will want to have!

Now all this expertise is available to you., without having to travel to New Zealand or Australia! And better still you can order it now!  If you are a florist or hobby flower arranger looking for new ideas, modern trends and foral inspiration you will find what you need by simply inserting the CD into your computer... and you will discovera HUGE potential of themed designs!

2008 Themes for your profit or pleasure In fact I am so passionate about themed floral design and its place in any creative and imaginative floral arrangers advertising and marketing plan I am going to add a second CD FREE just for the month of June! Good floral theme ideas never date and this CD is a slide show of the 2006 Morrinsville Flower Festival.
2006 Morrinsville Flower Festival
An email from Ros Watkins from Texas, USA, says it all... "Your material is outstanding! I am looking forward to immersing myself in all of it. I am teaching a tropical design class and a Dare to be Different class, beginning in August. My students are in for a huge treat!! PS. My bill paying job has me overnight 4 nights a week. It's fun thinking about all the creative ideas that are flowing down there while I am working!"

  • increase your client base or floral design club profile by adding business premises to your regular orders
  • turn these themed floral ideas into modern, stylish flower arrangements and stand out from the crowd
  • start today to become an admired designer amongst your customers and peers using these new found ideas
'Themes 2008' is just $US33.95, but for the launch month of June not only will you be able to buy it for just $US27.95 but you will get the companion CD 'Themes 2005' absolutely free! What a tiny price this is to pay when you think of the ideas you are going to gain to add to your profile and/or profitability. Sometimes it is easy do the same thing over and over again, resulting in your flower arrangements becoming stale and lack lustre, but with these CDs you just put them into your computer and play them again... an instant ideas file!
Order 'Themes 2008' today  and you will also receive

  • A FREE Bonus edition of floral design magazine, online edition, June 2008 featuring some of the floral arrangments the themes on your CD with in depth detail of their construction, and ideas interpreted for a flower shop as step by step lessons.
  • PLUS your second CD 'Themes 2006' absolutely free.

We have a comprehensive refund policy (although we can't imagine why you would unless you perhaps don't want to increase your visibility as a florist or hobby club) but if you aren't satisfied for any reason with'Themes 2008' don't live up to your expectations, just return both CDs and we'll refund your entire payment!

Wouldn't you agree that it makes more sense to take new ideas and inspiration from other florists who have done it already rather than fumble around on your own wasting hours experimenting with less than perfect outcomes? If you have decided that  having flower arrnging inspiration as close as your computer PLUS the ability to product innovative modern floral design to present on any occasion is worth $US33.95 and don't forget the additional bonus of the online floral design magazine, and the extra free CD til the end of June 2008 here's how to claim your copy

To order "'Themes 2008' via our secure server on Paypal.com today for only $US 27.95 click here now. 

PS Our contact details are: Floralartmall.com, 17 Hill Street ,Paeroa 3600 New Zealand. Email: info@floralartmall.com  Phone: +64  7 862 7966   Fax: +64  7 862 7965 if you would rather order off the internet. When you call, if during business hours, ask for Mike, and mention the bonus online magazine, June 2008 edition plus the second CD FREE with all those wonderful themes designs.