Colour Theory the easy way!

Downloaded Emag- floral design: Not only see examples of colour theory from leading European florists but also get a colour chart and the European Arrangements categories explained as step by step lessons!
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Photographs to use in your floristry and floral design assignments!

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You have found an electronic ebook with fabulous photos to illustrate  all the elements and principles of floral design: space, line, form, texture, colour,pattern, balance, rhythm, proportion, scale, contrast, dominance, and unity. You will also have images for florists techniques such as basing, cascading,clamping, clustering, cupping, curling, feathering, gluing, graduating, grouping, layering, pillowing, pinning, pleating, rolling, sheltering, stacking, stapling, terracing, threading, veiling, weaving, winding and wrapping. As an extra you will find fabulous photos of foliage and flowers to make that assignment look absolutely fabulous.

Compiled by Tricia Legg, editor of 'floral design' magazine and trained teacher of design as well as an award winning floral designer, these selected photographs of flower designs will help you achieve success in your floristry course, without spending any more time searching the internet! All the elements and principles photos are referenced to the pages of design pages so you can use those images that others can't access. ..and they can be printed out  on your printer  right now!

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Principles of Floral Design

DVD : If you are keen learn flower arranging theory the easy way as you make simple arrangements so you can see yourself how the theory applies, check out this essential DVD.


DVD:And Yes we have a DVD teaching you the elements of floral design too, with 6 lessons to follow and create as you learn the theory.
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