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Chrissie Harten
Use floral foam spheres on top of a block of foam to give the candles more height
colleen fernie
Use flower phials to create a floral design with netting and only 5 Calla lilies.
Bart Hassam
A fabulous floral centrepiece destined for a lucky bride's reception tables
flower arranging free lessons
paula pryke
A floral topiary is easy when you follow these steps by Paula Pryke.
Helen from Tonga
Authentic Pacific island flower headpieces, learn how the islanders make them
images for floristry students assignments
working with New Zealand Flax in flower arrangements
Joan Jurisich
If you want a design using New Zealand Flax you have found it!
Tricia Legg
learn to plait a palm with step by step photos and a short movie.
Colleen Fernie
A floral byzantine cone is always a show stopper.Have a go!
Jill griggs
wire a pine cone the easy way for your Christmas flower arrangements.
a horizontal design in flower arranging
A horizontal flower arrangement to try with a bunch of carnations.
margaret holmes
It's not often you get to try a diagonal design. Now you can!
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DVDs for beginners
6 lessons for making stylish wedding bouquets
2 Christmas floral designs, 2 bouquets and 2 arrangements for your home
6 lessons to illustrate pattern, line, space, colour, form and texture.
Plan a floral Christmas with these 6 step by step lessons.
The secrets of using New Zealand flax revealed in 6 easy lessons.
Make 6 unique floral St Valentines Day gifts with easy to follow step by step instructions
Use balance, rhythm, scale, contrast, proportion and unity with 6 flower arranging lessons
6 lessons for making stylish wedding bouquets
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