Wedding bouquets

Downloaded Emag- floral design: These very special florists have created exclusive lessons on making fabulous wedding bouquets so you can have a go.
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Wedding Inspiration

Downloaded Emag- floral design: Up to the minute colour trends, bouquet techniques floral handbags and a DIY bouquet lesson.
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The exact information you need to become an extremely successful wedding florist, is here!

Are you aware of the advice brides are given by on what to look for in a florist? This information becomes "internet wisdom" and is duplicated again and again over thousands of websites.You need to know what brides are being told and be very prepared for it or your competition will win those valuable wedding clients
I have taken just 4 of the "12 questions to ask your florist" from that website and placed them in bold type below, and given you links all the resources at our disposal here at to help you maximize your share of the wedding market in your area and online!

Book in your floral designer early during the wedding planning process. You'll want a designer who is gifted, knowledgeable and agreeable..."

Gifted and knowledgable? THAT'S EASY .. Download the annual wedding specials from floral design magazine loaded with wedding ideas, techniques and styles. The three links you need are

  • 1.Wedding bouquets lessons and ideas emag - download $US8.00
  • 2.Weddings, bouquets and real weddings with all the floral details done - download $US8.00
  • 3.The latest wedding trends from Europe including floral earrings, wristlets and handbags - download $US8.00
  • 4.instructions on how to make the exciting new and emerging wedding bouquet styles and several complete floral weddings with ring pillow, bridal bouquet, buttonhole, cake decoration and bridesmaids' bouquets- download $US8.00
  • 5.See amazing designs for inspiring receptions, using Callas and take ideas from the colour and flower selections of these leading florists as they show you how to replicate their work - download $US8.00
  • What is the florist's design philosophy? Minimal? Traditional ? Edgy and modern? Florists love explaining their artistic sensibilities -- the styles they love, their favourite flowers,the palettes they adore. Do the florist's views fit with your own ideas?
    Wow, this implies that as a wedding florist you can only do one style of flowers well, and you only work really well with your favourite flowers and colours. Take photographs of your work to prove you are versatile! Hopeless photographer? WE CAN HELP!

  • Download the ebook which will teach you how to turn your ordinary digital photos into sensational sales aids!
  • Get those photos mounted on large canvas frames and use them around the walls of your floristry studio, and at bridal shows. Make sure the photos you choose show a range of floral design styles, different wedding flowers, and a wide colour palette.
  • How many weddings will the florist do on the same day or weekend as yours? You'll want to know that your florist won't be rushed on the day. If a bride hears a wedding florist boast that she is so good she does 5-10 weddings in a weekend, alarm bells will ring, after all this is the day she wants you all to herself!
    Maximise every opportunity so you can work with less brides and make more money or if you would love to be in that position WE CAN HELP!

  • Download the ebook, 11 step formula to Wedding Floristry Success. It is loaded with successful, proven ideas- download $US10

    What are the hottest floral trends of the moment? Why do they work or not work? What's the most innovative concept the florist has recently brought to a design project
    I can't repeat often enough, you need to be up to date with not only modern trends, but also emerging trends for the brides who wants  the latest look. And the way to do that, in fact, in my opinion, the only way to do that, is to

  • take out a 12 month subscription to floral design magazine- CLICK HERE

  • Twelve editions, one a month, not only give you ideas to try but also will form an extensive collection to be shown to your brides. Believe me, they will get very excited looking at emerging trends they will never have been exposed to before, and guess what, you introduced them... a hot modern florist? You bet you will be!

    Wedding bouquet lessons

    DVD and Emag set: If you are keen to try different wedding bouquet styles you will need some help from the experts and this DVD and downloadable Emag will give you all the help you need.


    Dozens of ideas, choices and innovations on DVD if you are looking for fabulous fresh flower table settings for weddings or next big floral event.
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