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Don't buy a flower shop until you have read this page!
Would you like to know how to rise above the "cookie cutter" florist found in every suburb in every town in every part of the world? Find the key to great, affordable (often free) marketing and raising your profile above the rest.... do you want to know how to do that?

Don't fall into the trap of starting your flower shop uninformed, you will lose a lot of money and worse still, your own confidence in your ability to be successful. Take advantage of the brilliant advice available to you, from those who are enthusiastically, and wildly successful already! Take your advice ONLY from the people you want to be like!

One such Florist is Joel Marc Frappier in Ottawa, Canada. He is spectacularly successful and he doesn't even belong to any relay organisations. Joel Marc agreed to share his rise to fame and fortune with you in a 45 minute interview that is full of ideas, insights and marketing ideas you can use in your area. His Floristry shop, how he started, what he recommends other florists do who want to be very very successful, warnings of some of the things that must be thought through while your flower shop is just an idea plus marketing strategies, managing staff, why he no longer advertises in newspapers, and how much of his advertising is now free.This is real advice for a man who is living the dream of success and excellent income through floristry. Follow his advice and you too will be on your way to a successful career!

To add even more value to you, in this exclusive package is the ebook "Flower Shop Primer". Each page in this short ebook, is designed to make you think, check and recheck all the things you need to consider before you start. It is just that... a primer, a beginning...a checklist...all designed to help you make that first step into successful business with your eyes wide open!

Finally a BONUS... Order your flower shop package today and you will also be able to view Joel Marc Frappier's work in an feature in the floral design magazine Emag

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