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Flower arrangements and ideas for arrangements to sell in a flower shop

View flower arrangements that are easy, modern and great sellers in a flower shop.

Murray Howell in a very successful New Zealand florist with 2 florists shops. We take you to visit his shops and in a series of photgraphs show you, in details the arrangements he sells every day. You will see colour combinations, flower combinations and styles which help Murray earn his living as a florist- and which you can too!

Murray also did a series of 6 lessons, 'The Profitable Florist', taken from the pages of floral design magazine, for flower shop owners looking for new and contemporary ideas! If that is what you need, read on.

Murray needs to make arrangements fast and on a budget to keep his customers happy. He shares this marketing information with you and the techniques he uses before we take you through his shops to explore even more ideas you can copy. This is not an Ebook for beginners, but rather an inspiration for flower shop owners wanting some new ideas that are proven to sell!

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Ebook Download; $US8.00
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