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Market your flower shop to increase your profits and profile

When you initially open a shop, one of the hardest tasks is building a customer base and keeping those customers.

If you are lucky enough to open in an exclusive area with heavy walk-in traffic, then you don't have to rush to build up your customers. However, if you're off the beaten path and need business, you are going to have to create a plan to draw customers to your store, your website or at least to call in orders. Hopefully, you already planned your marketing strategy when you laid out your business plan. If not, this marketing ebook is for you!

Are you wanting more revenue? One major component of the floral industry is the large party and wedding segment of business. Some shops elect to not pursue this avenue of business because of the hassles involved in planning, organizing and completing these large scale events. Unfortunately, these shops are eliminating a major revenue generator that could easily be handled through planning and preparation.

Written in practical language, with real life examples to illustrate each point. This means you will actually see what Tricia is talking about and be able to understand and execute the concepts easily!

Just one of these ideas will get you back the $US 10 you invested in this ebook!

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