Dominance is just that, a part of a design that dominates over the rest, in traditional work, or called focal points when several areas draw the eye in more modern design. Your eye will keep returning to this place of dominance. Traditionally in classic English styles of flower arranging this was the central part of the design, from which all other parts radiated
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An accomplished floral artist can make you keep looking at a piece of work for ages, and then go back for more. And it was all because of...dominance and focal points

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The area of dominance in traditional design is always just above the rim of the container where the biggest flower is positioned.
a more modern variation
The largest flower at the rim remains but overall this area does not stand out as much as in the more classic example
no dominant area
With no area of dominance the yellow colour choice is left to create several focal areas.
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focal areas
European designing usually features several focal areas such as these groupings of Roses rather than one area that dominates.
a closer look
The focal areas are further heightened visually with contrasting colour and form around each.
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contemporary design
An area of dominance in contemporary design can be a useful tool especially when wanting to accentuate particuarly beautiful flowers such as these Roses.
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a european flower arrangement
not a principle
In European designing 'dominance' is not even a principle and here you can see why as it has no relevance to this style taken from Nature.
layered work
On layered work such as this floral shoe the front is a natural area to look at first. A subtle focal point is just as effective as an area of dominance.
the powerful centre
The centre of a wreath is a powerful area and so selecting a contrasting candle can create an area of dominance unintentionally.
In religion
When decorating a cross the area of dominance in the centre of the cross is very appropriate.
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