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Contrast is about differences. It is the differences in plant material, when placed beside each other, that creates interest, and excitement. Dark against light, pale against bright, smooth beside rough, round against long, shiny beside dull are all contrasts.

Contrast. Why bother with theory?
If one of these opposites is more dominant than the other, it will look more pleasing.

Contrasts between groupings of plant material add interest and will give any flower arrangement a great edge.
contrast of texture:Different textures, tones, tints and shades make a unified whole. With only three colours, red, gold and green it allowed the texture and form differences to add the excitement
contrast of colour : When does a French vegetable stall become floral art? Fabulous contrasts in colour, texture and form add eye appeal for the customers.
contrast of texture :This water fountain of flowers was a show stopper. The wine barrel's strong feel and rough texture contrast with the fluffy, feminine carpet of white daisies .
contrast of colourNgaire Clarke , contrasted the green leaf sweeping downwards,with the brown reeds paralleling their line, behind.To try this design in a free lesson, click here
contrast of light : Contrasting light (the lime green Anthuriums) with dark, recessive plant material creates a showstopper.
contrast of form: Contrasting of line material with round forms will always provide an excellent arrangement
contrast of colour:Keeping all the same form, in this case round forms, needs a colour contrast to accentuate a difference and create more interest.
contrast of form and colour Line materials (the reeds) automatically contrasts with the round yellow flowers but add a colour change as well and expect even more drama.
contrast with Nature : Notice the contrast Nature teaches such as the line form of the stem with the round form of the Rose head.
Contrast of value: Warm colours come forward, dark colours recede, so by putting them together you have a powerful contrast
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Principles of Floral Design

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