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We are all about wedding flowers! Extraordinary wedding flowers and bouquets, wedding flowers that are modern, trendy, fabulous, with European styling by the best florists in the world which you will find absolutely nowhere else on or off-line.

Don't expect to find the normal wedding web page or wedding magazine content here.We do not tell you about car hire, favours, venues, gowns or all those other things you can find in any ordinary bridal magazine in your bookshop. We are far from ordinary and I guess you want your wedding to also be far from ordinary! Why?

We are the only source you will find that can give you a huge range of wedding designs, bouquets, wedding table settings, venue settings and fully themed weddings from award winning florists in Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

And even better than that, if there could be any better, you are able to take photographs of these flower designs into the best wedding florist in your area and get them to copy the idea. You will be paying normal wedding prices for extraordinary, innovative, modern wedding flowers.
You will save thousands of dollars and have a wedding like no one else has even thought about in your area!

Wow, can you imagine the impact that will have on your wedding day as you walk towards the man you love?
The absolutely best way to do this is to download the annual Wedding Specials to floral design magazine,a specialist magazine for florists, with an international outlook using the 5 links below .
Wedding bouquets

Downloaded Emag- exciting new and emerging wedding bouquet styles, a beautiful, traditional English setting plus ring pillow, bridal bouquet, buttonhole, cake decoration and bridesmaids' bouquets.
Only $US8.00
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Real Weddings

Downloaded Emag- real weddings to give you new styles, techniques and floral combinations by floristry specialists from the USA and New Zealand who share their creativity and techniques.
Only $US8.00
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The Complete Wedding

Downloaded Emag- floral design: loaded with fabulous table settings, wedding bouquets, floral brooches and bracelets, from some of the top florists in the world.
Only $US8.00
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More Wedding bouquets

Downloaded Emag- floral design: exclusive lessons on making fabulous wedding bouquets so you can have a go. They are wonderful!
Only $US8.00
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Wedding trends

Downloaded Emag- floral design: An overview of latest trends and developing ideas in wedding bouquets PLUS real weddings .
Only $US8.00
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You will see the latest European trends, will be shown the newest techniques and introduced to wedding design ideas you would never have even contemplated on your own. When you see these downloadable magazines you will probably be quite annoyed, as the ideas are so inspiring, stunning and modern you will wonder why everyone hasn't been told about them. The answer... this is a specialist magazine for florists and hobby flower arrangers and not sold in book stores anywhere!!!

Once you have downloaded these wedding specials, which are webpages and PDF files, you can print them off and take them to the best florist in your area and discuss the ideas with them. You are on your way to a fantastic wedding full of wedding flowers unlike anyone elses...Yeah!

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