Colour Theory the easy way!

Downloaded Emag- floral design: Not only see examples of colour theory from leading European florists but also get a colour chart and the European Arrangements categories explained as step by step lessons!
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How to use colour in flower arranging and floral design using modern colour theory

Colour in Floral Design for beginners in theory and in practice including step by step web page lessons. Follow the step by step web page lessons for complementary, split complementary, monochromatic, triads and more fabulous colour combinations.

  • Create 11 step by step designs from the flower arranging experts, each based on a different colour combination
  • Learn how to recognise Nature's clues for effective colour combinations and proportion
  • Understand easily how each colour affects another and use this to your floral design advantage
  • Presented as a low tech, CD to use on your computer, so you can reference it anywhere there is a computer handy.

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    Elements of Floral Design

    DVD : If you are keen to learn flower arranging theory the easy way is to make simple arrangements so you can see yourself how the theory applies. Check out this essential DVD.
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